Sivan Health And Fitness Yoga Set Review

Sivan Health And Fitness Yoga Set Review

Yoga is one of the healthiest activities one can do not only to become fit but to make their body flexible and bring calmness to their personality. However, you can get the best out of your yoga sessions when you have the right equipment like Sivan Health and Fitness yoga set 6-piece.

When you are starting with yoga for the first time, you might think there is no need for the kit. However, soon after doing yoga regularly for a few days you realize the importance of every little item on the kit from yoga mat to yoga blocks.

As for people who already have a kit, they need to upgrade to a well-designed and solidly constructed kit. If your yoga mat is always slipping and your blocks are losing shape all within a few weeks of time, it means you were not lucky with your purchase.

Sivan Health and Fitness yoga set can make the difference for you though. Here are some notable features that make this kit the best choice for any yoga trainee or a regular yogi.

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set being used.


  • Thick Memory Foam: When you are doing yoga, you will execute many poses and postures that will not be comfortable on naked floor. This memory foam is ½ inch thick to provide your body with maximum level of comfort. It’s probably one of the thickest yoga mats you will find on the market today.
  • Non-Slip Mat: It does not matter how thick a yoga mat is, you will be annoyed big time if it keeps on slipping on a slipper floors. To avoid slippage, this yoga mat has a ribbed side that sticks to the floor as it has been glued to it. The other side is smooth as butter for your comfort.
  • A Large Sized Mat: One of the biggest problems with most yoga mats is that they are too small for too many people. This mat has a width of 24 inches and length of 71 inches so virtually any person can easily fit on it.
  • Durable Blocks and a 6.5ft Strap: There are two durable blocks included in the kit and Sivan has made them as tough as possible, so you can work out with confidence that they will not lose shape quickly. The big 6.5ft strap ensures you are able to take your stretching to the final limits and become an expert in no time.
  • Large and Absorbent Towels: There are two towels included in this kit and each towel is made with high quality microfiber. They will absorb sweat fast from your mat to let you do yoga without the fear of slipping. The big towel is 68-inchx24-inch – big enough to cover nearly the entire surface of your mat.
  • A Carry Strap: It gets quite frustrating for most yogis when they are done with yoga and have to deal with a mat that won’t keep rolled. It gets really difficult to store them out of sight, as they keep unraveling. The carry strap that’s integrated on the mat makes sure you securely wrap the mat and keep it that way until you use it again.

What Others Say

One of the customers reviews the product by saying that they received much more value from the kit than they had expected for the price. This customer spent a whole month researching yoga mats and agrees that they did not find any other yoga mat as thick as this one.

They loved the product and gave it an excellent rating. Another customer starts the review by saying that they are new to yoga. They were having a lot of problem with their old mat, as the cushion for the knees was not enough. They bought this amazing set and are more than happy for this purchase.

According to the customer, they are asked a lot about the mat whenever they are doing yoga. A wise customer said she was not going to give a review of this product until she had used it for a month.

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set mat.

Therefore, this review was given after the customer had used it for a month, and the first this customer admired was the thickness and comfort of the mat. She also admired the quality of the towels by saying that they still look like new after tens of washes.

Buying Advice

Before you buy any product today, you need to research it. If customers, who bought the product, are giving good reviews about it, you can make the purchase without any hesitation. This product successfully receives an excellent rating for its amazing quality.

You can buy the product from Amazon and choose your favorite color as they have a bunch of them. However, the price of the kit might change by a couple of dollars for certain colors. The price of the whole kit is just a little over $40. You can search on Amazon to see if you can get free shipping for the product.


As you search for yoga mats online and look at most yoga trainees and yogis talking, you realize that they are mostly concerned with the quality of their yoga kits. You can see from the reviews and ratings that customers have loved the product and its quality.

The mat is half an inch thick making it one of the thickest mats out there. Towels are made using microfiber technology to provide hassle-free drying. Yoga blocks have beveled edges to make it easy for you to pick them up and position them.

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set.

The addition of a 6.5ft strap along with a carry strap to store and tuck away your yoga mat are more like extra perks. At a price point just above $40, this is definitely a great purchase because you are getting a great value for the money you will spend. Last, but not the least, the Sivan branding on the items looks great.

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